About us

    The team of and around tageswow.de consists of individuals from different backgrounds. We have come together for this project in order to move in a direction that we consider healthier, more supportive and, above all, more world-saving than the one that has been the status quo for some time and whose consequences we are all feeling worldwide. You are what you consume – in this sense, people from diverse creative fields are pooling their skills to create and further develop this product that you have in front of you right now.

    We are happy. Especially that you are here. Soon all team members will be introduced by name and picture, until then we ask for your patience.

    Are you interested and would like to report on us, present your sustainable and world-saving ideas to us, collaborate, become part of the team, have a really good message to share that has the makings of a tageswow, are in a position to support us monetarily and/or otherwise? Email us at kontakt@tageswow.de. We will get back to you.


    How it all began

    Hi, my name is Leonie Adam and I came up with the idea, name and concept of this project.

    Back in 2016, it occurred to me – I had worked in various newsrooms years before and felt how the reception of catastrophic news content constantly pelting me affected me – that all of us, the people who inhabit this planet, have only one chance to preserve this place of residence: by radically changing our course.

    What could I contribute? How could I get involved? Would it make a difference?
    The idea of a blog was born under the name you see above. This idea didn’t really take off at the time. It took a pandemic of global proportions to realise that each of us could both contribute and make a difference. Each and every one. You as well. Yes, you too.

    And so, last year, I found the courage to actively tackle and implement this project. Without the people who accompanied and supported me, this would not have been possible. They deserve my heartfelt thanks.