No more fur, please

Global fashion group Kering goes fur free
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    © Kimberly Tamkun/USFWS

      Luxury fashion giant Kering announced that it will cease use of animal fur of all kinds in its collections.

      The next generation of shoppers are becoming more environmentally conscious. Consequently fashion houses increasingly look to ways to present their sustainable credentials.

      So what does it mean? The fashion labels in the Kering group will all stop using fur from their 2022 Winter collections. As this includes many top international brands, this decision will have a huge impact in the fashion world.

      “The time has now come to take a further step forward by ending the use of fur in all our collections. The world has changed, along with our clients, and luxury naturally needs to adapt to that,” François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and CEO of Kering, said.

      It’s finally a well-won victory for PETA and other animal rights groups. PJ Smith, Director of Fashion Policy at the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), commended the move.

      “Kering is synonymous with luxury fashion. With this announcement, it marks a new era for what is considered luxury to now include what is socially responsible, ethical and innovative,” Smith said. “We hope the rest of the fashion industry will take notice, choosing compassion and innovation over an outdated idea of luxury.”

      So now looking good doesn’t have to come with a guilty conscience.


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      Picture credit: © Kimberly Tamkun/USFWS