A new style of tree house

A wooden high-rise in Vienna champions sustainable housing
Sustainable housing is possible! The 'HoHo Wien' shows how
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    © HoHo Wien

      A unique high-rise complex in Seestadt Vienna, Austria called ‘HoHo Vienna’ is pioneering the way in sustainable housing and building practises.

      ‘HoHo Vienna’ combines materials and innovative construction methods to maximise the benefits of both concrete and wood. With this process, it re-imagines the hybrid building of the future. The high-rise was awarded a Gold LEED Certificate by the internationally recognised rating system for environmentally friendly buildings. It received a score of 924/1000 from the Austrian Sustainable Building Council (ÖGNB).

      Did you know: although wood itself is fairly light in weight, it’s actually very strong. For example, a cube of fir-wood just four cm in length can bear four tonnes of weight. That makes it stronger than concrete! It is also naturally elastic and porous. Wood is also able to absorb moisture and release it back into the environment, making it a very effective insulator.

      The next generation of housing

      Almost 50% of Austria is covered in forest, and 30 million cubic metres of timber is produced each year. That means it took only one hour and 17 minutes to regrow all the timber used in the ‘HoHo Vienna’ project.
      Using wood also reduces CO2 equivalents when compared to concrete, as well as having a more positive effect on quality of life, health and well-being.

      Built together with a holistic work-life balance in mind, the ‘HoHo Vienna’ complex offers sustainable spaces for a variety of uses, from restaurants and wellness, to offices, hotels and apartments.
      As such, it provides a viable alternative to traditional urban development for the next generation of city planners.

      Sustainable housing like this can truly remodel the future of building practises.


      HoHo Wien

      Photo credit: © HoHo Wien