Climate-neutral ice cream parlour

Rediscovering nature in ice cream while acting sustainable
Climate-nreutral ice cream in Munich's ice-cream parlour "Eismeer"
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      Germany’s first climate-neutral ice cream café, ‘Eismeer’ or ‘Sea of Ice’ in Munich’s Glockenbach district, definitely lives up to its name. A vast array of different flavours awaits those hungry for ice cream and adventure.

      In total there are 128 varieties of homemade “natural ice cream”. Those are freshly prepared every day, depending on what’s on offer.
      It’s important to the operators Robert Maier-Kares and Marcus Kares that each variety is also available as a vegan option. This is so as not to exclude anyone, as they say themselves. This concept has been successful: in 2020, ‘Eismeer’ was named Bavarian Restaurant of the Year. 

      With only nine tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, the company’s emissions are at the same level as the average per capita emissions in Germany. This is achieved through the use of green electricity, e-mobility and supply chains that are as local as possible.

      The operators are aware that 100% climate neutrality is still a pipe dream, thus they can’t yet offer fully climate-neutral ice cream. Therefore, they compensate the CO2 emissions of the franchise company (other ice cream cafés in Munich as well as at Lake Chiemsee are also supplied) by buying certificates for women’s rights and equal treatment rights in South Africa.
      “We want to find the healthy way between production, short delivery routes and nature”, the shop’s owners state.

      They seem to have succeeded. 


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