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A new style of tree house

A wooden high-rise in Vienna champions sustainable housing
Sustainable housing is possible! The 'HoHo Wien' shows how
#housingwow #sustainabilitywow

A unique high-rise complex in Seestadt Vienna, Austria called ‘HoHo Vienna’ is pioneering the way in sustainable housing and...

Building sustainable energy storage

Swiss company transforms the humble battery into a giant tower
Sustainable energy storage "Energy Vault" in Switzerland
#sustainabilitywow #energywow

While we’ve been generating energy from solar power and wind turbines for decades now, sustainable energy storage is another...

Climate-neutral ice cream parlour

Rediscovering nature in ice cream while acting sustainable
Climate-nreutral ice cream in Munich's ice-cream parlour "Eismeer"
#climatewow #icecreamwow

Germany’s first climate-neutral ice cream café, ‘Eismeer’ or ‘Sea of Ice’ in Munich’s Glockenbach district, definitely lives up to...

The climate-neutral football club

Forest Green Rovers: The name bodes well
#sportswow #climatewow

The football nation of Great Britain holds a trump card when it comes to carbon neutrality combined with lifestyle....

Tampons and pads for free

Hesse sees red: free sanitary healthcare for girls in schools
Free sanitary healthcare for every girl and woman
#peoplewow #socialwow

Pupils at a grammar school in Wiesbaden, Hesse have had enough. They have taken the initiative to ensure that...

The tree that cleans urban air

Plant-based air filter taking root in cities across Europe
#urbanwow #pollutionwow

Tackling air pollution isn’t just about reducing CO2 emissions. For the majority of city dwellers, air quality is a...

Cheques for free 

The crowd-sourced Basic Income research project
#moneywow #societywow

Did you know that in Germany there’s a project currently researching the feasibility of Universal Basic Income? Mein Grundeinkommen...

No more fur, please

Global fashion group Kering goes fur free
#fashionwow #animalwow

Luxury fashion giant Kering announced that it will cease use of animal fur of all kinds in its collections....